Google updates its search quality rating guidelines

The Google search engines algorithm has always been a mystery which has been finally been solved by the marketers who have experimented to find the correlations with a higher search engine results page placements. Attempts have been made to decipher the implications through the occasional announcements and the discussions by the representatives. So, the search engine optimization community has come across the fact of on-page and off-page factors that really contribute to the web pages’ placement in the Google’s ranking list. These team people shared the quality rating assurance guidelines which showed the working of the algorithm. This set of guidelines is considered as the rules that Google employees use to ensure the high quality and systematic working of the algorithm.

Key pointers which the website and the web pages must follow

  • Dig deeper for mobile usability: If you have ever taken the website or the web pages for a mobile test which has been released by Google, you might have come across with a message popping up for the allowance of the page having mobile-friendly view. In rare cases, few websites do not support the mobile-friendly view and they get the recommendation for improving the mobile user experience. To improve the search quality ratings along with the quality rating, the web press developer in Mumbai recommends becoming mobile friendly. A majority of the webmasters do not consider the further mobile optimization along with the testing of their website which puts them in danger as it can a false-positive especially if the robts.txt file is blocking the files.

Google has dedicated a large portion of its quality rating document to mobile search. This quality rater guideline emphasizes the exhaustive testing of the mobile websites by their employees. They also have the notes of the unsupported media files like flash, navigation, and the horizontal scrolling apart from the separate “Needs Met Rating” which details the search query result providing the satisfaction to the mobile user experience.

  • Including universal links to the privacy policies and the contact pages: If you are serving ads and retargeting your audiences, then it is very important to know about the prospects beforehand as directed by the ad word experts. Bluffing them can even lead to lawsuits and will put you on the Google’s bad list as it will hamper the quality score and the search results. It is advised to always remember the fact that the search engines want to build their search quality so that they can deliver a great user experience and be ready for the information.

The digital marketing agency in Goregaon emphasizes producing the in-depth content that satisfies the user experience and the needs. The amount of main content necessary for the pages to make it satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page. You will need to put up valuable content with the highest quality with testimonials and achievements along with customer satisfaction.