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Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata: what does it mean and what are its uses?

When talking about a website developer in kolkata or a marketing agency, many people are not very clear about what its role is.  Today we will try to explain what its main functions are and what differentiates it from advertising agencies.

What is a marketing agency/ seo agency kolkata?

The marketing agencies are companies whose role is to provide advisory services and external support to other companies, organizations or individuals in relation to implementation planning and control of best seo services in kolkata and marketing activities: research should be conducted on the market, analyze the opportunities and threats, develop marketing plans, design marketing strategies and tactics, taking control and monitoring the activities carried out.

We seo company in kolkata is in charge of creating strategies, spreading the messages, listening and responding to improve the spread and perception of brands, companies or people through the participation of individuals. With the emergence of the Internet and the digital world, they must also align with commercial objectives, create content on these platforms for interaction and conversation with the potential buyer or target

Differences between Marketing and an Advertising agency

Knowing that it is a marketing agency we will be able to clearly differentiate it from an advertising agency: in a seo service provider in kolkata the primary objective is to publicize a product, service or company, through traditional communication channels (television, radio, press …) or through online channels such as the web, blogs, forums, etc. position a product or service so that the potential buyer retains it in mind.

We digital marketing services in kolkata works in a more global way, marking the steps to be followed by the advertising agency to carry out a campaign, since it outlines the strategies, the action plans that indicate which are the most favorable channels, the message to be transmitted, segments potential customers into groups and defines them to send a favorable message to each of them. Once the campaign has been launched, the marketing agency analyzes the results obtained with which it can feed the action again and improve the points that have failed.

Marketing Agencies Vs Advertising Agencies:

In any case, we digital marketing agency in kolkata is also involved in other processes, such as distribution, price or product definition in many cases, that is, the 4P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, placement), so that gives a more global response to customers than the mere presentation of a product to its audience.

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