Digital Marketing Services for Real Estate

When it comes to the real estate niche, competition is pretty fierce. The real estate industry is highly competitive, mainly when it comes to major metropolitan cities. Right from a new real estate broker to a massive national conglomerate, everyone is trying to find out ways to improve their visibility rate and get the listings going.

With the help of proper SEO strategies, you can get to improve the visibility rate of your real estate business. Join hands with the best Digital Marketing Services for Real estate and let the professionals from the center help you with crafting the best real estate based SEO strategy. Some of the local SEO tips mentioned below can help you understand the right steps to take.

Focus on the value of SEO audit:

Before figuring out where you are going, it is time to learn where your current presence is. Thanks to SEO audit, you can determine the pages that are doing well and those areas that need improvements.

  • Even though performing an audit can be pretty tedious but it will serve as a benchmark for the progress. It will give you the much-needed information you want for creating a roadmap.
  • The primary focus areas over here will be site structure, page structure, content, links and usability rate of the website.
  • When you improve these five areas, there will be an increase in the current organic traffic then.
  • Use the power of Google Analytics for checking out the pages that need the most attention.
  • You can even use Google Search Console to come up with issues that need to get fixed up soon!

Try optimizing the local Google My Business page:

If you own a real estate business, you have to get your business listed in Google’s 3-pack. Whenever customers are looking for a service provider or a local business, they will see a map pack featuring all the Google My Business pages.

  • Users are likely to pay more attention to the search results that feature ratings, reviews, snapshots and Google Maps directions.
  • First, you need to visit Upon logging in, you need to fill out the necessary information as asked.
  • The profile needs to be 100% complete and updated with opening hours, exact map location, telephone number, website and more.
  • Be sure that your name, address, website and phone number are formatted consistently across the web!

The value of Schema Markup:

Schema markup is a proper way to structure the code of a website so that it can indicate to Google the kind of format it works with. For example, you can create a table with a property description on it and with fields for the property’s price, bedrooms and more.

  • With the help of schema mark-up, you can make a rather friendly table to be featured in Google’s snippets or instant answers.
  • Some studies have further indicated that pages with schema markup will get around 20% to 25% of higher click-through rate in the search engines.

To help improve the real estate business you hold, checking in with the best and most digital marketing services for real estate is vital. It is what you need and you will be getting that as well from the reputed centers now.

Time to optimize for search:

Use the power of SEO for optimizing your real estate-centric searches. Once you have the audit results handy, it is time to create a plan to address each of the queries. It is always advisable to create a systematic approach just to ensure that you don’t overlook anything. After fixing the problematic areas, you can look for some other ways to improve overall optimization.