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One of the greatest demands that we currently have in EFFECT is the production of video for YouTube SOcial Media and other online audiovisual containers. This is what the different Marketing departments of the Media pasta work for demand. And they are not wrong, we want to remember that the correct production of video with good image and montage quality is definitive to be successful in communications on this channel. For this, a key factor is the correct production phase in the preparation of scripts and this is only achieved if there is complicity between the video production company and the client , allowing the filmmaker to know all aspects of the company and the benefits of its products. With the aim of always finding a good life motive. Mediapasta is India’s leading Video and Photography Company.

We offer a range of video services including

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With our Whiteboard video, it is easy to do marketing of your product.

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We develop animated video for you to represents you product in animated form

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Our ELearning video is best way to learn things online

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With our Promotional video, we help you to promote your product in small budget

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Our Animated ad videos are small animated video to represents the ads of company. They are small videos

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You can use Our Social media video on your social media account to promote your brands

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Video infographic is a visual representation of data and information in the form of an video

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Our Product demo videos are small video which give demo of your product

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A corporate video is just a video produced for a organization. Cooperate video by us often used to support and raise awareness of a company’s brand

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Motion graphics are type of animation which make the illusion of motion or rotation, and are frequently joined with audio.

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Typography and clean motion graphics elements offer the structure for this charming video on staying imaginative

They know the benefits of audio visual production for YouTube. And we break them down into the following.

 Benefits of service

  1. The web user will always prefer to watch a good video than paragraphs and paragraphs of text. In the end what we are doing is facilitating the knowledge of the brand or product to the user thanks to a tool, the video, which was originally intended for entertainment.
  2. The company videos serve to present briefly (no more than 2 minutes) the characteristics of the company such as volume, the sector they are aimed at, production capacity … And everything always with great finish and image quality taking care of the smallest detail .
  3. The videos of products or services offer them the possibility of presenting in great detail everything that cannot be explained in a box or on a counter. These videos are planned in detail to subsequently have enough content to be able to publish on the company’s YouTube channel and later share on social networks.
  4. When publishing the different company or product / service videos on YouTube, the tags and links between videos are rigorously worked on. This helps the natural positioning of both the company website and its content in search engines.
  5. YouTube analytics VS web analytics. With the YouTube Analytics tool, companies can analyze the quality of their audiovisuals and not only at the level of realization but also at the level of interest by the user in the different characteristics offered by the service or product. In this way, it is possible to analyze which products are more attractive, which of their characteristics attract the user the most and in which parts of the video it is no longer displayed.
  6. Other direct benefits for the user-viewer, such as building trust and interest in the brand, helping to present an offer, increasing the duration of visits, users who become customers, and promoting interactivity in content or currently known as brand content.
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