9 Technical SEO Tips for Instant Website Traffic Boost

When a new shop opens in the conventional market, it is essential that it gets sufficient visibility. Otherwise, there is a high probability that people will not get it noticed and the shop will not get adequate business.

Similarly, your website must get enough attention. To achieve the goal faster, you need the expertise.

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Here are some useful technical tips that will help you.

1.   Make the best use of SEO

Anyone who is looking for more traffic should use SEO or Search Engine Optimization in such a way that more people know about the website.

We all know that Google is the first place where people go whenever they want to buy something. Hence, it is important that your website appears on the first page when they search by providing relevant keywords.

2.  Start a YouTube Channel

The content strategy for a video is similar to the strategy for a blog. You must make videos that are engaging and useful to the customer. Link topics that are related to the product or service offered by you.

It is important that even the best website design company in Mumbai can also not help much if the visibility on the web is not sufficient. The more people know about you, the better it is.

3.  Optimize voice search

Statistics say that more than 70 percent of people use voice-activated devices regularly.

Don’t you think that you must optimize voice search in such a situation? There are several SEO packages in Mumbai that offer special discounted prices for voice search optimization. You should explore and make use of it.

4.  Local directory listing

Even after hiring one of the best SEO services in Gurgaon, you need to build up a consistent local directory presence. Since there are millions of monthly visitors there, it certainly makes sense. It will bring a huge difference in the bottom line.

5. Create a local presence

You should brush up on the essentials of local SEO. It is a powerful tactic that will surface your website in localized searches. You should acquire local backlinks. Not only structured citations, but you can use unstructured citations as well.

6.  Using Quora

Experts say that Quora gets more than 300 million unique visitors every month. If you answer a few questions daily, it builds a reputation. As a result, you get referral traffic.

7.  FAQ structured data markup

To the performing pages of your website, you must use FAQ schema to increase the click-through rate. It happens because of the additional space that is being taken up by the SERP result.

8.  Call guest authors

This good old method still gives incredible results. Therefore, an expert internet marketing company in Mumbai still uses it.

Guest authors spice up your content with a different perspective. You attract a new audience and backlinks.

9 . Cluster the content

Google always favors websites that show authority and trust. Therefore, it is a best practice to topic clusters using pillar pages. You drive more traffic.