Advice on boosting your marketing efforts over lockdown

Covid-19 has not just affected the health of people, but the financial health of the world as well.

Every government is restricting the movements of their people to stop or limit the spread of the virus. However, it causes a downfall in business activities, and eventually it affects profitability.

Studies show that more than half of the companies have faced lower sales because of Covid-19. Still, companies are positive about the future. They are utilizing the time to develop their business, upskilling, and technology upgrade.

Marketing has also got an impact due to lockdown. Hence, it is important to boost marketing efforts over lockdown. Read the blog to know about a few strategies that will help, a brand to remain afloat despite the turmoil faced by the world economy.

Emphasize local SEO

People are searching for local services and products than ever before. It is because they do not want to wait for things that travel miles away from home.

Hence, the optimization of the site for local search is important. It is not awfully expensive but gives good returns. It brings more traffic to places ‘near me’. A business can get benefited by having visibility to people around the area of operations.

To get a higher ranking you should have good reviews. It will attract more people to the business.

Pay Per Click Advertising is important

Your target is to get more attention from viewers and get the brand right in front of their eyes. Of course, it does not guarantee that people will buy the product or service. However, it increases the probability of it for sure.

Whenever people will make a purchase, your brand will come to mind and they will consider you.

Website SERP Ranking-boost it

Since people have more free time due to lockdown, you have a brighter opportunity to attract their attention. It is easier to rank higher in search results because the competition is low.

Just by following the guidelines for effective SEO, you can see the site improving its visibility. And, you should remember that the ranking will not disappear when the lockdown will be over, and the things will become normal.

Once you gain momentum, it will continue the lead.

Know Thy Customers

Get the advantage of this lockdown situation and focus on building customer retention strategies. You should define who is your ideal customer you are perfect for. Think about the challenges you are facing in connecting with those customers.

What would you be searching for if you were in the shoes of your customers? Once you know it, you will find it quite easy to build a rapport.

It is critical from the perspective of B2B to maintain close contact with the customer and make him understand that you are there to help. Create content that is relevant today and tomorrow.

The time of Covid-19 is not going to last forever. Seek it as a chance to shift the gear.

Be swift and innovative

Only those businesses will do good who will be swift and innovative. Those who will test and develop new things for their customers. And move quickly, will win the race.

Keep an eye on the trending things, research well, and respond fast.  Develop your marketing strategies wisely. Test out things that will thrill your customers and finetune them after every round of trial.

Most importantly, do not cut the expenses but use them wisely. It is time to build a long-term strategy.

Leverage social media

What has the coronavirus taught to humanity? It is to take on practices that are not very ‘human’ in nature. What does it mean? Take the example of social distancing. It is completely opposite to the way we are used to. We are social animals who love meeting and interacting with others.

Now we are forced to stay at home, away from others. It is the reason; we are more interacting on social media.

Since more people are available here, it gives a great opportunity for marketing managers by:

  • Making your brand part of the conversation happening in the social media
  • Launching a campaign to pull people through the tough situation
  • Making them aware of the special offers
  • Interact with customers in a less formal manner.


It is easy to rank favorably in the search engine because of less competition. A wise digital marketer will leverage it and see the site improving in visibility and reach. The bigger benefit is that the ranking achieved during the Covid-19 pandemic situation is not going to disappear.

On the contrary, it will take the business in attaining new heights and maintaining the lead forever. Start focus on what you can offer locally, create new content, be more active on social media, connect to the customers more, and focus on upskilling.

The synergic effect of these initiatives will result in more effective digital marketing and higher profitability.