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Mediapasta is one of the eCommerce marketing services that bring expertise in offering marketplace listing services of all types, e.g., brand content creation, product listing, cataloging, and portfolio management.

When you are committed for developing an engaging brand image and optimized listing for the brand identity, you need a streamlined working process and a well-managed marketplace store. Mediapasta ensures that your eCommerce business is taken to profitable terms.

Mediapasta follows a combination of industry practices, tools, and a holistic approach to manage all aspects of listing in detail. It complies with rules and regulations. It has a fleet of experts that have designed management services to help the clients in expanding market results and visibility and boost sales.

We are a marketplace listing service provider  and ecommerce agency in Mumbai

that works relentlessly to not just meet the expectations of our clients but to exceed them.  It is our commitment that we will offer every possible assistance to you that is required to succeed in your business.

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Ecommerce Management Agency

As a top Ecommerce Management Agency, we specialize in optimizing your online store for maximum efficiency and growth. Our Ecommerce Management Agency offers comprehensive services, including product management, order fulfillment, and customer support, ensuring every aspect of your ecommerce business is handled with expertise. Partner with our Ecommerce Management Agency to enhance your online presence, boost sales, and provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Trust our Ecommerce Management Agency to transform your ecommerce operations and drive your business to new heights.

Ecommerce listing

Ecommerce listing is a page inside E-commerce platform that suggests to customers about their requirements when they search for an item. The item page highlights the features of the product, its pictures, and videos, specific brand-made promotional content if any, description of the item, question, queries and their answers, specialized subtitles, and reviews.

Thus, when you say Marketplace listing optimization, that means you optimize all these things to increase the rate of traffic to the website. It results in more conversion and more sales.

You need expert eCommerce marketing services to achieve that. Mediapasta can be a great help as it offers the whole spectrum of reliable digital marketing services, including E-commerce Listing Management.

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E-commerce Product Listing Services


E-commerce Registration

It is essential to register the business with an E-commerce platform. Sometimes, businesses find it difficult to register to the portal. Mediapasta helps in the process and makes it easy for the client.


Uploading of Products

We help in uploading the products so that clients can manage the products online effectively. With the E-commerce cataloging services, clients get great help to boost sales productivity.


Product listing

It is an important step of the E-commerce listing management process. This core action is performed by Mediapasta efficiently. Proper product listing is done based on the features of the product. The bulk product listing process is useful when multiple or bulk products are to be uploaded.


Inventory Management

Like the real world, inventory management is critical in the virtual world as well. As a business leader, you would like to have total control over the inventory. With quality E-commerce listing services offered by ecommerce agency in Mumbai Mediapasta, you would be able to stay on top of the sales competition.


Logistics management

Just like Inventory Management, operations and logistics management is another critical function that will decide your business in an E-commerce portal. Mediapasta not only manages eCommerce marketing services, but also good-quality logistics management to make the client move ahead of competitors.


Product Optimization

Optimized products will always remain on top. E-commerce product listing service of Mediapasta includes smart SEO also. It is to ensure that your products remain on top as per rules defined by the E-commerce platform. It will bring a major upward thrust in inquiries. Clients need to convert them into actual sales.

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Benefits of Hiring Mediapasta for
E-commerce Management services

Mediapasta is a customer-oriented ecommerce agency in Mumbai. It has made a good impression in the fast-growing digital industry.

Mediapasta offers hand holding support to its clients. The E-commerce management listing services offered by it to the sellers and other marketplace platforms are effective. We work as a good strategic digital marketing partner for Ecommerce partners.

The placing of products in the lists of Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, etc. according to the specifications of products like color, shape, price, and size would make a difference. It makes it convenient for buyers while they shop at these websites.

When you assign the responsibility of E-commerce listing management to us, you get the team of the skilled digital marketing team that will enhance your SEO ranking of products listed on Ecommerce platforms with high accuracy. As a result, you get more traffic to the online store.

  • You stay on top of the sales competition.
  • Bouquet of services matching client budget.
  • Cost-saving E-commerce Listing Management
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