Google Possum Update 2017, what is it all about?

Google is known for its regular update in the search engine algorithms. Why is the need of changing the algorithm at regular interval? It is because the environment in the digital world is quite dynamic. Since change happens so fast, the search engine logic becomes obsolete and the Search Engine Optimization methods no longer remain effective.

Even after hiring the most efficient Seo Service in Mumbai, the website doesn’t achieve the desired results. It is needless to say that the SEO experts get a lot of work when Google releases new updates. The SEO strategy has to be tweaked and tuned to accommodate the changes.

What changes happened after Possum update of Google?

Possum brings a massive change in the algorithm after the Pigeon update that happened in the year 2014. It mainly affects the Local Search.

Though it was just a filter applied to the local search, the impact was quite big. Initially, there was a big confusion amongst marketers and business owners. People thought that the Google My Business listings will be no longer effective.

Certainly, there were some behavioral changes happened in the local search results. Thankfully, Seo Services in Mumbai leaves no stone unturned to clarify the doubts and make the clients aware of it. They compare and share the details with their clients.

How to find out Possum Update?

Well, it is a bit tricky to find out the presence of Possum. When you hire one of the seasoned seo firms in Mumbai, it does it for you.

After Possum update, a few basic changes have happened in the local results, local finder and local pack. Also, Google map results also show some variations. However, it is important to remember that if you are looking for ranking in the local research based on some keyword and not the location; then you need not worry about Possum update. There is no impact on the search result.

Those who look for rank First in the 3-Pack of a specific target should worry about Possum. Google wants that the business owners do not appoint some seo company navi Mumbai that works on the optimization without any concrete plan.

It wants that the consumer’s behavior has to be considered in deriving the SEO strategy. By doing this, the spam practices will be reduced, and the SEO quality will greatly improve. Make use of these concepts and reap good benefits.

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