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Are you using Adwords as the key element of your digital marketing strategy? Well, if yes, then here is something interesting and useful for you. Very soon Google optimizes and Google Surveys 360 is integrating with Google Marketing Next.

The integration is already live in some of the geographies and very soon it will be available to the whole world. Talk to any Adwords expert or ppc management services and you get complete information about it.

The new integrations are designed because of the simple objective of making the work easy for users. The aim is to make it easier than before. You can serve your potential customers with a better understanding of their search pattern.

You get better results and accurate landing pages

You call a seasoned Adwords Agency because it has experts who know the niche well. These experts spend a sufficient time in thinking about the ads.

They ask particular questions such as what attracts people to click on a specific advertisement. What lures more, the word “free shipping” or “20 percent discount”?

Remember, one size doesn’t fit all. Even a proficient Adwords professional in Mumbai also needs to use several ‘trial and error’ methods to reach an effective solution.

With this new integration between Adwords and Optimize, it is easy to personalize and improve the landing pages.

It gives a quick way to test and create customized landing pages that use the most effective keywords. You can choose them based on your keywords, campaigns or ad groups. There are no hassles of messy query parameters or destination URL.

The new ways are far more superior to the earlier ones

When companies invest in personalized consumer experiences, they usually find it profitable and viable. If they hire a superior digital ad agency Mumbai, then it is furthermore beneficial.

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you are a hotel owner and your aim is to improve the landing page of your business for a specific keyword, say ‘family friendly hotel’.

By using Optimize, you can test and create a new landing page with an image of a family enjoying a vacation, and not a generic image of the hotel.

Don’t you find it more relevant, exciting and alluring? If you get better hits through this page, then you can make it permanent.

You can use Optimize for targeting the whole array of choices; from campaign to ad group and keywords. It is the method of today, don’t miss it!