Preparing For the Mobilegeddon

So Google has done it again! It has successfully brought about another mega revolt in internet affairs with its 21st April deadline of a major algorithm update. Simply explained, Google will be growing its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for websites. This means their high time website owners pull up their socks and get their websites mobile-friendly to face the Mobilegeddon if they actually want to stay on google.

So does this really mean that we all create our websites to fit each ones mobile screen?

The answer is NO.

Mobile optimization is little more than that. Simply generating a mobile friendly site will not do, the CONTENT will need to match up too.

Quite often we make the fault of using the same content for the mobile friendly sites as we do for the desktop version. And thereby lays the mistake. Like the Smashing Magazine marks out “you may be losing users if responsive web design is your only mobile strategy.” In simple words, you need to know how to aptly write the content for your mobile site too.

In case you are still wondering how, here are certain tips for some amazing mobile friendly content:


Precision of content to suit the target audience is really very important. You need to actually identify your target segment as well as tailor content simultaneously.

Unlike desktops, even the biggest of mobiles consists of smaller screens. Stick to crisp and short sentences that drive tell your point without being bulky.


People really love pictures. You need to make use of interesting along with catchy images to decorate your mobile site. Pair them with short as well as catchy captions that can guarantee you an increase in visitors.

Always remember to stay away from heavy graphics that take much time to load!


You need to do away with boring and long headlines and switch to short ones, catchy ones to keep the audience glued to your website. Nobody is going to click on the content if your headline reveals it all. Retain the mystery.

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