Performance Marketing Agency in Mumbai

performance marketing agency

Performance Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Performance marketing agency in mumbai is a way of measuring results and determining ROI so that advertisers can make efficient use of the advertising budget. Advertisers can target specific audiences and track the success of campaigns. They can redefine targets and make better use of resources.

In today’s world, brands and marketers want that they can track the impact of their marketing efforts in a systematic manner. With the changing times, customer preferences, technology, web design, and marketing techniques are becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, performance marketing agency in mumbai is where a business can measure ROI in real time.

Mediapasta is the best performance marketing agency in mumbai that specializes in Lead generation, App installs, and Google pay-per-action digital marketing channels. We can use analytics to track and report on results.

performance marketing agency in mumbai

You Need an Expert Performance Marketing Agency for Lead Generation

Many businesses are relying on Mediapasta as a seasoned and experienced company to handle the cumbersome work of lead generation. One of the methods of lead generation is when someone clicks a link and lands on your website. Then there is a marketing method of lead generation when someone reads on a particular subject, we can call it a lead. Mediapasta as a performance marketing agency in mumbai marks the activity of a user on the website and determines that certain activity makes a prospect a lead.

What do we do at Mediapasta for lead generation for your business website?

  • We make use of social media to find various prospects. We guide marketers to take necessary action.
  • We can create a suitable call-to-action that takes your visitor to a corresponding landing page.
  • We can optimize your landing page in such a manner that it deserves attention.
  • We make sure that your visitors get value.
  • We use blog posts to promote an offer for your product or service.
  • We make your website mobile-friendly.
  • We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize the traffic of your website.

As one of the best Lead Generation Company, we strive hard to save your time and effort following up channels to find a sale. We supply leads so that you may qualify them and follow up.

performance marketing agency

To boost E-commerce sale, leverage expertise of performance marketing agency

Performance marketing for eCommerce uses strategic digital advertising tactics so that it can drive online sales. Since the customer is already online, it is all the more critical to use performance marketing strategies. Mediapasta is a renowned performance marketing agency in mumbai, where it is ensured that the barrier getting the users to click over to your site is decreased as much as possible.


Facebook is regarded as one of the most accurate and largest data sets. Hence, it is the best source to be leveraged when you want to enhance your digital footprint. At Mediapasta, we have a team of seasoned and learned Facebook experts. They have managed many famous brands and they have provided end-to-end solutions, beginning from traffic to lead generation, and running a conversion campaign to analyzing customers.

So, if you are searching for an end-to-end solution that can fulfill all the advertising Facebook requirements of your company, then Mediapasta is the right choice. This one-stop solution guarantees the good results that you have been struggling for.


Do you know that only 10 percent of media agencies capture more than 70 percent of the traffic on Google? Yes, it is true because only these companies know how to follow the right strategy for running and optimizing campaigns. Only they know how to sustain these campaigns and scale them up as the user requirement goes up.

And Mediapasta is one of those media agencies. When you assign the responsibility of your Google Ads, you can be assured of incredible results. If you want an agency that can bring the quality return and fast and sustainable results on your paid campaigns on Google, then Mediapasta is the one and only choice.

We bring rich experience in performance marketing agency in mumbai with a wide spectrum of clients across different industries and markets.


When you develop apps,  we ensure that they get popularity and maximum number of users install them.  When you are already spending hundreds every day anticipating a positive return, we ensure that you get the maximum ROI in spite of scaling campaign budgets higher.

At Mediapasta, we pride ourselves in our ever-evolving and innovative strategies for app installation campaigns. We can help businesses across all sectors. We provide advice and consultancy about app installations over digital platforms so that the spread of online presence can be maximized.

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