Best Google Ads Management: Tips For Expert-Level Ad Management

Google dominates the online advertising market, capturing over 75% of the U.S. search market share and generating more than 90% of paid search clicks on mobile devices. Many businesses across various sectors utilize google ads, its advertising platform, for online promotions.

Managing google ads, once called google adWords, can be challenging for new businesses starting with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Success in google ads management requires time, commitment, and expertise, as detailed in this post about excelling in google ads management.

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Is Google Ads Management Beneficial For Your Company?

If you are unsure whether your company would benefit from google ads management, here’s how to tell if it’s the right fit:

  • You need a centralized platform to monetize your website, mobile apps, etc.
  • You require assistance in managing ad revenue
  • You are seeking more detailed reporting on ads.

A trusted google ads agency such as Mediapasta Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Agency can optimize your ad spend. Their google ads management service includes planning your PPC strategy, running your campaigns on the google ads platform, tracking results, and more.

1. Use The Right Setup For Your Google Ads Account.

Before starting your first google ads campaign, make sure to review your account structure. Understanding google ads account structure is crucial as it determines how your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are organized.

In google ads, the account hierarchy consists of: Account ➔ Campaigns ➔ Ad Groups ➔ Keywords

When setting up a campaign, it’s important to create ad groups that are closely related to the campaign’s theme or focus. For example, if your campaign is about sneakers, your ad groups could be red sneakers, brown sneakers, and green sneakers, each featuring different keywords.

Properly matching ad groups with relevant keywords is essential for maximizing performance and minimizing costs. This is because Google assigns a quality score to your ads based on their relevance and quality, as well as the keywords and landing pages associated with them.

To achieve a high-quality score, follow these best practices for account structure: create coordinated ad groups with relevant and specific keywords, and ensure your landing page aligns well with your ads.

2. Study What Your Competitors Are Doing With PPC Ads.

When managing google ads, it’s crucial to research your competitors to boost your success. By skipping this step, your performance suffers, resulting in lost leads, revenue, and ad spend. Here are ways to analyze your competitors:

  • Search your terms on Google to see their ads.
  • Use tools for a comprehensive view of their strategy.
  • Check out free tools like to access competitor ads and keywords.

If working with a PPC consultant or agency, ensure they perform a competitor analysis. Partner with professionals such as Mediapasta Digital Marketing Agency for maximum campaign effectiveness and budget optimization.

3. Match Your Focused Keywords With Your Audience And Goals

When structuring your account, it’s crucial to consider your audience and objectives.
For instance, do you want to reach users who are researching red sneakers or those looking to purchase them? If your focus is on users conducting research, then the keyword “casual red sneakers” is appropriate. On the other hand, for potential buyers, a more specific term like “Nike Air Max Motion 2 red” is necessary.

This phase plays a significant role in managing google ads effectively.

Misalignment between your objectives (such as driving sales) and your targeting (like users researching shoes) may lead to the failure of your campaign. It’s important to carefully evaluate your objectives and audience and utilize that data to refine your targeting strategy.

If your goal is to increase purchases from your ad campaign, aim for keywords that indicate a transactional or buy-now intent, such as “Nike air max motion 2 red,” “emergency dog hospital,” or “portable heater for sale.”

In Comparison, target top-of-the-funnel keywords to connect with users in the early stages of the shopping process.

4. Match Your Ads With Your Landing Pages.

In online advertising, landing pages play a crucial role in driving conversions. When a user clicks on your ad, they are directed to your landing page where they can explore your offerings, discover more about your business, and make a purchase.

One common mistake companies make in google ads management is not creating dedicated landing pages for their ad groups. Developing custom landing pages can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, often requiring external expertise.

However, using a landing page that aligns poorly with your ads can harm your campaign by reducing impressions, increasing costs, and lowering conversions. Users may become confused and leave instead of engaging with your content.

For example, consider the search query “emergency medical services.” When you review the Google search results, you’ll find ads for two different clinics. Let’s examine their landing pages.

This landing page effectively showcases the clinic’s expertise. The page layout is user-friendly, with clear calls to action for scheduling appointments or learning more about their services.

On the other hand, the second landing page is from a general clinic:

While this clinic also offers emergency services, the landing page focuses more on general  treatments like check-ups. The information is buried in the middle of the page, making it less noticeable to users specifically searching for emergency services.

If your landing page doesn’t align with your ad’s offer or audience’s expectations, it can lead to missed opportunities and lower conversion rates. Consider optimizing your landing pages to match the intent of your ads and provide a seamless user experience.

5. Improve Who You’re Talking To And The Words You Use.

After setting up your ad structure, analyzing competitors, and launching your dedicated landing page, you can begin the ongoing process of managing your google ads account. Make sure to allocate time each week to handle your campaign.

As part of managing your google ads, it’s important to refine your target audience and keywords post campaign launch. Your team can gather data on keyword performance and audience targeting.

Discover which keywords bring the most clicks, their associated costs, and other key insights.

Identify audience demographics, behaviors, and interests that drive clicks and conversions.

Furthermore, determine the most effective days and times for optimal results.
Using this information, focus on the most profitable audience members, keywords, and times to enhance campaign performance and maximize your ad spend’s effectiveness.

6. Improve Your Offers By Managing Them Strategically.

By actively managing your ad bids, you can gain valuable advertising insights and optimize your ad spending. While google ads can help with bid management, taking a hands-on approach allows your team to be more involved and knowledgeable about your campaigns.

Although bid management can be time-consuming, it is a recommended practice by industry experts. Our Best google ads management services at Mediapasta Digital Marketing Agency offer strategic bid management to help you make the most of your campaigns.

Depending on your specific strategies and campaigns, your team may need to dedicate a significant amount of time to bid management. However, this investment is worthwhile as it enables you to actively monitor your ad budget and improve your Ad Rank, ultimately impacting your position and visibility in search results.

7. Boost Campaign Performance Using A/B testing.

A/B testing is a key part of managing google ads. Like other aspects of ad management, it needs time and effort, but it can bring big rewards for you, your team, and your company. When you decide to run A/B tests on your campaigns, Google offers an easy way to test different elements like ad copy, landing pages, targeting, bids, and more.With google ads, you can quickly create and launch experiments.

However, before starting, you should spend time analyzing your data and setting up your tests. Sometimes, you might need help from team members, such as developers for landing page design or copywriters for ad copy revisions. To get the best outcomes, it’s important to always have an A/B test in progress. This approach allows your team to gather ongoing data and insights to enhance your campaign’s performance and return on investment (ROI).

Speed Up Your Google Ads Management With Mediapasta Digital Marketing Agency.

Managing your google ads account can be challenging as it requires constant attention. However, this dedicated management can lead to great rewards for your business such as increased sales, leads, and revenue.

If you value google ads management but worry about the strain on your team, Mediapasta Digital Marketing Agency offers professional management services that cover everything from setup to optimization. Explore how our google ads management services can enhance your ad campaigns and simplify your life by checking out our PPC management services or contacting us online for more details

Finding the best google ads management company is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their online advertising efforts. A top-notch google ads management company can significantly enhance your ad campaigns’ performance and ROI. With the right expertise and strategies in place, such a company can help you reach your target audience effectively, optimize ad spend, improve ad quality scores, and ultimately drive more conversions and sales.

The best google ads management company stands out for its comprehensive approach to campaign management. They conduct thorough keyword research, create compelling ad copies, optimize landing pages for better conversions, and continuously monitor and tweak campaigns for optimal results. Their team of experienced professionals stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in

google ads to ensure your campaigns stay ahead of the competition. When choosing the best google ads management company, look for a proven track record of success, transparent reporting, and a commitment to understanding your business goals. With their expertise and dedication, they can turn your google ads campaigns into powerful revenue drivers that propel your business growth and success.

Looking for the best google ads management company? Contact us today to boost your ad performance and achieve outstanding results!

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