Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all the strategies and marketing plans that use the internet to execute the strategies. Marketing itself means to market something to increase its sale and the same goes for digital marketing as well, where the digital medium is used to do the same and achieve the goal. The difference as said is just because of the use of electronic and digital means to market any service or product.

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Traditional marketing, on the other hand, refers to all the tactics or any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been used by business companies for a really long time. These have even proved to be beneficial as well, that’s why it is still prevalent in today’s way of marketing. This method usually involves print ads, flyers, and pamphlets, radio, newspapers, billboards, magazines, etc.

Benefits of traditional marketing over other forms of marketing

  • Easily reachable to a great audience without the audience having any prior digital knowledge.
  • The promotional flyers or pamphlets can be kept by the audience in hard copy form. These can be used to read and can browse about the same over and over again without having the trouble of getting it lost because of not saving it electronically or downloading it.
  • These strategies are easily understandable. As this is a very old method of marketing because of which the audience can relate very well and it becomes easy to understand.

Benefits of digital marketing over other forms of marketing

  • The audience’s diversity can be increased. The marketing can be expanded for an international audience as well. More specific audience of a particular race, religion or gender can be targeted.
  • The audience has the liberty to choose the way they want to receive the content and can continue that. Over the traditional one, this gives choice to the audience.
  • Here the communication with the audience is possible through social media or any other platform.
  • This type of marketing is cost-effective and is rather cheap over other forms of marketing.
  • Brand enhancement is more easily done and content can be made viral very easily.


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