Are you aware of these important changes happening in Adwords

In the recent years, the digital marketing concepts have changed a lot. With the increasing trend of mobile phones (Smartphones in particular), Google also gives emphasis on it. Along with all other things, there is a big change in Adwords as well. When you hire an adwords expert or ppc in digital marketing it ensures the effectiveness of result by keeping the important changes happening around.

Let’s have a quick overview of it:

Google Maps also becomes a platform for Ads

Now, Maps will also be the part of the search network. Hence, you will see them appearing significantly on the maps platform as well; on the desktop as well as mobile version. The ads will appear on the surface of the map. They will not be restricted at alongside only.

You must be wondering about the importance of Google Maps for Ads. Statistics reveals that Maps are used by almost a Billion users and the number of destinations visited based on Google Search is more than 1.5 Billion. Doesn’t it make sense to use it for Ads?

Google increases the number of characters and headlines in text ads

From now onward, you will not see the ads on the right side of the desktop. According to Google, it is an attempt to bring a proper, unified experience to the users across devices. Also, there is a plan to revamp the text ads.

Reports say that the headlines will become bigger and prominent with the new, expanded text ads. Early study shows that at least 25 percent increase in the CTR can be achieved by these changes. Not only they will attract more clicks, but the change will be beneficial for advertisers also. They will get more qualified traffic.

If you hire an Adwords Agency today for analyzing the Ad words, then the team will look into all relevant aspects.

Responsive display ads are the ‘in thing’

Experts say that Responsive Display Ads are the next sensation in the digital marketing world. When you give an URL to Google, its description and the headlines with images; Google will create responsive display ads. These ads will adapt to the website content, and they will be available uniformly on the desktop and mobile versions.

Since it is a versatile way of creating ads, users needn’t worry about different formats. The change is expected to roll out these years and in the subsequent years. Hire an expert adwords professional in Mumbai today for better results.