Hiring the best web designing company is not enough, you should optimize it

You have spent sizeable money in developing a website for your business. However, have you ever looked at it from a stranger’s perspective? How does it look at first glance?

Is it impressive enough? Does it leave a long-lasting impact on the viewers?

Well, it is pretty sure that you do not have an answer for any of the questions asked earlier. The reason is we hire a web design and development company in Mumbai and think that the work is over.

No, it isn’t. In fact, you need to be actively involved in the process of web designing because it is ultimately your business.

Of course, you are not required to interfere with the core technical aspects, but you can set the expectations right, at least.

It should be “love at first sight”

The web design agency Mumbai hired by you is expert in the niche. It has a team if expert professionals who know how to bring your expectations into reality. However, you must take an active part in the designing process and give your feedback time to time.

Make sure the website attracts the viewers and keeps them engaged when they browse. Studies say that the visitors do not take more than 50 Milliseconds (yes Milliseconds) only to draw a conclusion about your website.

In such a short time span, they decide whether to continue browsing the website or not.

By this time you have understood the criticality of the ‘first impression’.

Keep a close watch on the ‘bounce rate’

It is not an imaginary figure. Statistics prove that there are several viewers who leave the website without even looking at the landing page. Even if you hire the best website developer Mumbai, you get many viewers like this.

In the SEO jargon, it is called the ‘bounce rate’. The more the bounce rate is, the less effective is the website.

The bounce rate below 40 percent is the best. Anything between 41 and 70 needs attention and anything beyond 70 percent needs the total revamp of SEO strategy.

Blog or website, optimization is compulsory

If you think that your blog doesn’t require optimization, then you are mistaken. Even after hiring professional wordpress developer in Mumbai, you can’t be sure about the ranking of it.

Make your website or blog properly optimized and reap the benefits of the Internet. It is a cost-effective way of doing business on the Internet.