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Stepping into the exciting world of mobile app, here are some marketing tips

It is not enough to get an exciting app developed by the best developers in the town; you need to derive a great marketing strategy so that it reaches the right audience. Remember, you aren’t alone in the world, but there are thousands of others looking for every possible opportunity to grab the largest chunk. Hiring a proficient app marketing agency (e.g. Mediapasta) is a good idea indeed. Since it has a profound experience of handling marketing projects for different clients, you get the benefit

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Do you know what would prevail in the world of digital marketing in the year 2017?

Welcome the year 2017 with a big bang by hiring an expert digital marketing company in Mumbai. However, do you know what is trending in the market? Here are a few: Live video is the in thing Live Video started showing its presence last year, but it is going to be the ‘talk of the year’ in 2017. You open any of the social media platforms; video offerings are there everywhere. All of the networks are greatly promoting the same. Hence, the scope is tremendous.

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Marketing Your APP: Pre-Launch Strategies That Lead to Success

When you want your new app to succeed, you have to strategize the pre-launch effectively. This means you have to get your marketing materials out there before the launch starts, and figure out how you are going to nurture your leads. You’ll need to have an automation text software platform in place to decrease lead conversion time and get you ready to work with the customers who are ready to make a purchase. The success of your app depends on how well you can market it, how

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Welcome 2017, what should be your SEO Strategy in the New Year?

When you want visibility in the virtual world, it is very much important that each and every person in your company speaks the language of SEO. Yes, it is not just the responsibility of SEO Manager or Content writer. Whether you hire a widely acclaimed SEO company in Mumbai or manage the things in-house; a mature, organization-wide search engine optimization process achieves wonderful results. Experts say that you must not forget the productive resource, organic search. Yes, it is still at the top of the

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Customer-focused digital marketing will be the winning strategy in 2017

Digital Marketing experts had a tough time last year because of the unexpected twists and turns in the global scenario. At one side, they had to struggle with the technical trends such as automation, change in the mindset of customers and many other things. If you ask any of the digital marketing companies about the year 2016, then the remark will not be positive. We welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm and positivity. It will bring a great time to the companies trying hard

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