Do you know what would prevail in the world of digital marketing in the year 2017?

Welcome the year 2017 with a big bang by hiring an expert digital marketing company in Mumbai. However, do you know what is trending in the market? Here are a few:

Live video is the in thing

Live Video started showing its presence last year, but it is going to be the ‘talk of the year’ in 2017. You open any of the social media platforms; video offerings are there everywhere. All of the networks are greatly promoting the same. Hence, the scope is tremendous. Due to the immense popularity of it, brands consider it a superior mode of digital media buying agency. The use of influencer videos for brand promotion would increase manifold during the year 2017.

Big Data, big benefits

There has been a lot of Gung-Ho about Big Data last year; it has been in the market for quite some time, though. Experts say that it is still a challenging task to get the complete benefit of it due to the scarcity of skilled users. However, the market will steadily increase for another five to six years, until it gets saturated.

With the advanced structures and roles emerging in Big Data, it will be furthermore usable and useful. Several analytical tools are being introduced by IT companies to make effective use of it.

More personalization of customer experience

One-to-one marketing gives a personal touch to the users. It not only improves the customer experience but keeps them engaged as well. Online marketing companies in Mumbai should come out with an effective strategy to deal with it.

Native advertising, the age-old method continues its prominence

At one side, everyday something new gets introduced in the world of best digital marketing company in India; there are old and tested things such as Native Advertising prove their strength. As there is a drop in the ad blockers or banner ads, it is going to gain momentum again. Also, there is a drop in the organic reach of social media which is another booster for it.

Don’t forget the small screen

Though it is not a new entrant, the small screen is going to be a big thing this year also. As the mobile traffic supersedes the conventional big screen, Google is also coming out with the new index that keeps the mobile first. It is needless to say that every internet marketing company in Mumbai should keep the small screen on the priority list.

Follow these trends and succeed in making your website a grand hit.