Video making intern

Video making intern

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A video internship of international levels has the capability of setting you apart from others. With the tremendous exposure and thorough understanding of the concepts, you get a new perspective on video production.

You get inspired to new ideas and have hands-on experience in filming, editing, and grading after attending structured internship programs.

In a video making intern program, you will get a chance to work on exciting projects that will use the theoretical concept learned during the training program, i.e., idea boards, production concepts, editing skills and so on.

We aim to shine you distinctly in the competitive battlefield.

Video Making Intern

Our video intern program opens new career opportunities

The internship program developed by Mediapasta not only equips you with better skills but also boosts the confidence to take an assignment.

If you are a beginner, then it boosts your confidence so much. No assignment seems to unattainable or unachievable. You aspire to go to any production house or media company without any hassles.

Thankfully, we have a placement cell that is in touch of well-known production houses. Your skills get proper exposure. We give you a sufficient opportunity to shine.

Call our counselors today, and we will be in touch very soon. Our experts will coordinate with you to find out your orientation and liking.

The field of video making is multifaceted. We will enroll you in the most suitable stream as per your capability. An internship program tailored to your background and goals will take you to great heights.

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