What Results are expected from SEO for me?

With SEO you can expect Traffic, Ranking and Enquries which are organic in nature. It will require cohesive efforts on website and other SEO ranking factors. The effort will also depend on the SEO package chosen.

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What Is the difference between various SEO packages?

It basically boils down to the number of hours and number of keywords being targeted for SEO The higher the package more number of keywords will be worked upon leading to higher traffic and more keywords getting ranked. Also the content being generated for supporting the keywords will be more as there more keywords.

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What are the various SEO reports we will get?

You will get extensive 4 SEO reports spread across the month. Check this link

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Will we get an account manager and how will be the communication ?

Yes a person from the team will be assigned as a account manager. The team member will be dealing . The communication will be on email/phone /whatsapp and regular on skype. We also generally create a whatsapp group for easy coordination among stakeholders.

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How much time Does SEO take to get results ?

Depending on the keyword competition and the current situation of your website wrt SEO and content available. it can take 3-6 months or more for first page results for your website for the targeted keywords. The higher the competition the more time it will take to rank. However as soon as the work is started you will see immediate weekly movement in the rankings. The best SEO results generally come after 6 months or more based on competition , niche and website

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