Top 10 Free SEO and Digital Marketing Tools which you Can’t Refuse to Use

When you examine your digital marketing strategy, you should not miss anything. To do it systematically and objectively, you get various tools for SEO and digital marketing.This blog lists the top 10 free tools.

Tool 1: Google Analytics

The first one is, of course, Google Analytics. You can track the data in different categories, eg, audience, behavior, acquisition, and so on. It tells you where you get the traffic from? Based on the data, you can tweak your digital marketing strategy.

Tool 2: Use Google Keyword Planner

We know that keyword is the most important thing, but from where do you get the right keyword? Well, it is not guesswork, but based on a scientific concept.

To make it perfect, make use of Google Keyword Planner, a magnificent tool that is available free of cost. Just by giving the relevant phrase, you get keyword ideas. Also, you get the latest trends for similar keywords. You can decide the best keywords that draw high traffic to your website.

Tool 3: Social Mention

Social media does not make or break your digital marketing ranking, but it contributes to it substantially. By using the Social Mention tool, you can get real-time analysis of social media. By using the tool, you can understand the ways to drive your social media marketing strategy. You know about the trends and search for any keyword or keyword phrase.

Engage with your audience by tracking brand mentions.

Tool 4: Cyfe

It is a powerful, easy to use business dashboard solution. And it does not require IT skills. Most importantly, it is available free of cost. Just by logging once, you get access to the whole business metrics. It is connected to all top-rated social networks. Make use of the dashboard and track and compare data elements in a click.

Tool 5: SpyFu

The success of a business largely depends on how well it understands its competitors. For that, it is essential to track and review their activities.

SpyFu is a valuable and useful tool that can help in this. Just by typing the URL of the website and pressing search command, you can get valuable information in a few seconds. All relevant information such as inbound links, ranking history, top and shared keywords, etc. is available.Thus, you know which keywords or keyword phrases are bringing more success to your competitor?

Tool 6: Google Search Console

It is another free tool offered by Google. It gives a clear idea of ​​how well the site is performing. This tool has to be in the arsenal of everyone who wants to get success in digital marketing.The search tab will tell you about links to the site, search analytics, internal links, mobile usability, manual actions, and so on.

Tool 7: SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup is a wonderful tool that facilitates you with SEO monitoring, competition monitoring, analysis of SEO, and informative SEO reports. Get the checking done from an SEO perspective, and see what score do you get? To know the solutions for your problem, you need to click on the ‘how to fix’ button.

Follow the advice and push your website to the top of the Google search engine result.

Tool 8: SimilarWeb

If you want to get the pulse of the competition, and at the same time you want to assess the performance of your website, then the best tool is SimilarWeb.Do you want to see how your website is performing across a variety of metrics? Are you interested in getting an inside view of your competition?

It gives a comparative analysis of two websites. Hold on, there are numerous reports. Hence, do not be in a hurry. Choose only the relevant data to your SEO campaign.Use it periodically for better results.

Tool 9: Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Studies have proven that the website loading speed can diminish your reputation and SEO ranking devastatingly. It is a fact that people do not return to the website if it does not load within three seconds. Also, it downgrades your SEO ranking because speed is an important parameter in the search engine algorithm.

Use the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool and do not fall behind in this aspect.

Tool 10: Moz Check My Listing

There is no use of launching a website if it is not available to the targeted audience. This tool will precisely tell you how your business is visible in the digital space. It covers a variety of search engines to give a realistic picture to you.

Check your score. It should be ideally 100% but try to improve it as close to 100 as possible.


When you are in the digital world, the most desirable thing is to be on the first page of Google search results. To reach on the top, you need the best digital marketing tools. Hope this blog explains the top ten tools that will make it possible to reap the maximum benefit .


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