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What is SEM?

SEM is shortform for “Search Engine Marketing”. According to Internet, Search Engine Marketing is a form of online marketing that involves promoting the websites by increasing their search engine results pages primarily by paying for advertisement.

In simple words when a company pays to promote their brand through advertisement medium is called as Search Engine Marketing.

Our SEO Experts gives best services all over the globe which is utilized best methods for Orgainc SEO incorporate utilizing Catchphrases and Watchword investigation, external link establishment to enhance interface recognition.

How much does a company pay for SEM?

Paid Search Engine Marketing goes as per the budget that a client gives to advertise but main part in SEM is you only pay when the traffic which is coming to your website clicks.

digital marketing services in thane

Why Mediapasta Digital Marketing?

We at Mediapasta are concerned about our clients needs, requirements and budgets. So we have come up with a new digital marketing agency in thane. Our services at our all branches are top-notch.

We provide best rates, suggestions regarding SEM and also best services regarding SEM to our clients.

We will help your business to reach these market shoppers efficiently and quickly. Each search on the internet will help you in targeting your loyal customers and new market customers giving them opportunity of comparable decisions and new preferences.

If you are not satisfied or least satisfied with your current digital marketing agency in thane, then give Mediapasta Digital Marketing a chance to give your business better position and earnings in the market.

What do we offer?

  1. We offer right assistance in carrying out an advertisement campaign. We make sure to identify most suitable advertising platforms where we can place a creative and attractive content strategy that can work wonders for the business.
  2. Targeting the right segment is a key point while placing an SEM strategy. We will help you in pin pointing out the advantages of your product and services so that your target group of customers can be approached easily and efficiently.
  3. Proper Analysis is provided to a client before pitching any digital marketing strategy. We as advertising analytical professional compare and prepare a complete analysis of market demographics to comprehend the preferences and choices of buyers and to identify the suitable market where the pitching of business products and services can be done.
  4. We help client in providing a Comprehensive Branding experience to their customers and ensure that what message our client wants to deliver to targeted audience through their brand is clear and evidenet on every advertising platforms.

Mediapasta Digital Marketing team has come up with cutting-edge services like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click and Paid Advertising , we guranteed deliver retun over investment of your monthly spendings.

We offer highly affordable SEM Packages suiting the needs and requirements of our clients’ size of business. In case you don’t find a suitable package for yourself then don’t feel left out just contact us and we will be happily frame you with a custom package for your business.

Choose Packages from our Alpha, Beta and Gamma range and if you feel you ain’t fitting anywhere then let’s sit and prepare a custom package for you.

Our SEM Pricing for Packages are :

ALPHA : Minimum 1 month package with only Google Ads and Facebook Ads where Ad budget is upto Rs 1 Lakh and where monthly fee will be Rs 12,000/Month+Taxes.

BETA : Minimum 1 month package with only Google Ads and Facebook Ads where Ad budget is upto Rs 2 Lakhs and where monthly fee will be Rs 18,000/Month+Taxes.
GAMMA : Minimum 1 month package with only Google Ads and Facebook Ads where Ad budget can be any budget and where monthly fee will be Rs 30,000/Month+Taxes.

What all Campaign Setup/ Ad Optimization do we have?

  1. Initial Estimate Report
  2. Landing Page Recommendation
  3. Unlimited Keywords
  4. Text Ads
  5. A/B Testing
  6. Google Analytics Set-up
  7. Campaign Management
  8. Mobile Ads
  9. Gmail Ads
  10. Landing Page Optimization
  11. ROI Tracking

Our existing clients get a systematic reporting procedure that is Bi-Weekly option or Weekly option or even a Daily option for getting reported on how the SEM strategy is working. With that we provide customer support in terms of Email, Chat, Phone SMS or Calls. We also have Project Management Tool Tracking for Customer Support.

List of our SEO & SEM satisfied clients:

  1. Chatur Ideas
  2. Medtronic
  3. Khushi ambient media solutions
  4. Vritti media
  5. Cafe Marathi
  6. Vivaspa
  7. Wallnut create bonds forever
  8. Innowrap
  9. Hill SPA Mumbai
  10. Dr. Krinita Motwani
  11. Skin Lounge
  12. Jilla IVF CENTER
  13. RSACE
  14. Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd

and many more… Join our SEM Agency in Dombivli and get a respectful position in outter Digital World of business.

Wanna visit Mediapasta Digital Marketing Live :

MON-FRI : 10:00 am to 18:30pm

Mumbai Address : 511, Manish Chambers, Sonawala Road, Goregaon East.

Thane Address : 1803, Platina, CBG, Kalyan Shil Raod, Palava, Dombivli, Thane.

Mail us on : [email protected]

Contact us on : (+91) 9769123598 / (+91) 9370706890

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